How to create a website to sell your products online

Below is an almost free way to create an online shop. The only cost will be for registering the domain (step 2)

1) Create a wordpress website

2) Register your domain (i.e, create your own website address). Check the following websites for the best offer for your website (below are examples of the yearly cost for a ".de"):

3) Use the wet_maintenance plugin to put your website in maintenance mode (display a message like "website under maintenance") while you work on it.

4) Turn your website into an online shop by adding the following plugins:

5) Add a newsletter to your website by adding the Mailing List plugin

6) Download the WP Cart Mailcheck plugin to check if clients insert emails correctly on the check out form

7) Create your own domain emails (like using Google Apps

8) Make your website more visible on social networks (like facebook) and on search engines (like google):

9) Control how your website is doing:

Note: you can also find all the plugins above by searching directly in the plugin menu of your wordpress dashboard


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