Invenções idiotas do séc. XX

Neste blog descobri que a revista Life fez uma colectânea das invenções disparatadas do século XX.
Aconselho vivamente a irem lá espreitar. Vou postar aqui algumas para aguçar o apetite 😉

Machine gun with a curved barrel for shooting around corners. It's the perfect gun for the "shoot first, look where you're shooting later" kind of guy.

American science fiction writer and founder of the Church of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard uses his Hubbard Electrometer to determine whether tomatoes experience pain, 1968. His work led him to the conclusion that tomatoes "scream when sliced."

Vamos esperar que o sr se tenha enganado

A nanny supervising a baby suspended in a wire cage attached to the outside of a high tenement block window. The cages were distributed to members of the Chelsea Baby Club in London who have no gardens, or qualms about putting a child in a box dangling over a busy street.


Rainy Day Cigarette Holder

A woman adjusts her stocking by the light of the Goodyear's illuminated tires. The tire is made from a single piece of synthetic rubber and is brightly lit by bulbs mounted inside the wheel rim.

Isto faz as mulheres parecerem umas atrofiadas. Era o mesmo que inventarem carros com caixas de maquilhagem por cima dos volantes (à Paris Hilton)

Robot equipped with fast-draw invention shoots it out with live gunner. It's always easy to question the wisdom of giving a robot a gun, but also making him quick on the draw is just irresponsible.

Para quem gosta de emoções fortes 😉

A pair of artificial breasts with a built-in heartbeat, an invention from — where else? — Japan intended as a sleeping aid for very young children.

????? Um bocadinho disfuncionais não?

Venetian Blind Sunglasses

Loool quais óculos escuros quais k? Persianas é que é 😛

A robot designed by Claus Scholz of Vienna answers the phone, though it cannot speak.

Jack Milford, player with the Wembley Monarchs ice hockey team, has invented a carrying device so that his baby can join his wife and himself on the ice. Because who wouldn't want to take something as fragile as a baby onto a rock-hard surface with very little friction?

Inventor Hugo Gernsback with his T.V. Glasses.

This mechanical cat can meow ten times a minute and the eyes light up each time. The device for scaring rats and mice is from Japan and is powered by a two-watt motor.

Dog Restrainer, 1940

Cigarette Holder Built For Two, 1955


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